Medical product “Mildronate” can also be used to maintain sexual function, said Mildronate’s inventor Ivars Kalvins.


Speaking at a press conference in Moscow, he exposed the effects of such preparations to the fact that it improves blood circulation.

“Yes, it contributes to the improvement of erection. We do not need to take away our patients, “said Arkady Vjorkkin, head of the Department of Therapy, Clinical Pharmacology and Emergency Medicine at the Moscow State Medical and Dental University, who said that.

The product helps cells fight with insufficient oxygen in cases of ischemia, and it protects them against harmful acids. “Mildronate” is used as an adjunct to cardiovascular disease as well as in cases of disturbed brain depletion.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Meldonium, an active ingredient in Mildronate, was included in the list of prohibited substances for Athletes on January 1st.

Since the beginning of the year, the presence of the substance has been detected by a number of top-level athletes, including the tennis superstar Marija Šarapova, the four-time world champion in swimming Yulia Yefimova, Olympic champions Semyon Yelistratov (short-trek) and Ekaterina Bobrovaya (figure skating), fast-pacer Pavel Kulizhnikov and other Russian athletes.

Worldwide, at least 172 athletes were caught in Meldonia, WADA announced Wednesday.

Last week, WADA set a permissible Meldonian norm for the athlete’s body tests conducted before March 1.

If the amount of Meldonium detected exceeds 15 micrograms, the sanctions imposed on the Athlete will remain in force, but in the analysis conducted until March 1, the investigation will be continued in the event of a lower concentration. In its analysis after March 1, if the amount of substance exceeds one microgram, it will already count as an anti-doping rule violation.

Latvian pharmaceutical company “Grindeks” hopes that WADA will completely remove meldonium from the list of prohibited substances.