Meldonium is back in business. Now he got to motorsport

Meldonium is back in business. Now he got to motorsport

Anastasia Nifontova was to become the first Russian woman in the history of the Dakar. Everything can fall off: in its dope-sample found meldonium aka mildronate.

It seemed that Russian fans can already forget about the Mildronate. The Meldonian saga, which happened in early 2016, slowly came to an end: almost all athletes got off short-term suspension and mild fright,

and even received a disqualification, Maria Sharapova in a few months will return to the court. All the sportsmen of the former USSR made conclusions for themselves and now avoid mildronate as a devil of incense.

So it was sadder to learn about the positive doping test on , which was revealed in the Russian motorcycle racer Anastasia Nifontova. According to the regulations, the international motorcycle federation FIM temporarily suspended it from the competition. Let’s figure out the details of what happened.

Who is Nifontova?

Anastasia Nifontova debuted in motorcycle races in 1999 in 20 years, taking part in the baza “Seliger”. Professional motorcycle racer Anastasia began with the season-2008. Gradually, the emphasis in the speeches shifted to rally raids, and from 2014 she started performing in the World Cross Country Rally Championship. In the first year, Anastasiya became the second in the women’s standings, and in the second she won. Moreover, according to the results of the 2015 season, Nifontova became the 13th in the absolute classification.

In 2015, Anastasia also made her debut in the rally-marathon Africa Eco Race. A year later, Nifontova was close to the podium in the overall standings, but after technical problems had to “confine” the victory in the women’s standings. In 2017, she was supposed to perform for the first time in her career at the Dakar and become the first Russian woman in the main rally-marathon of the planet.

In 2017, Nifontova was supposed to perform for the first time in her career at the Dakar and become the first Russian woman in the main rally-marathon of the planet


An unsuccessful doping test from Nifontova was taken on October 3 during the Rally of Morocco, and the analysis revealed molodony in the blood of a motorcycle racer. The International Motorcycle Federation (FIM) has suspended Nifontova’s license for 2016. The sportswoman herself claims that she did not use the meldonium specifically.

“I have never taken this drug intentionally to improve athletic performance. My close friends know that for many years I have been struggling with the problem of serious headaches and periodically go through various examinations and medications, the full pharmacological composition of which I do not know. Perhaps this is somehow connected with this “, – said Nifontova in an interview with the portal” “.

Sense does not believe Anastasia is not, so after her let’s assume that meldoon really could get into her body during the course of treatment for headaches. However, there is a problem: it is the athlete and his doctor who must check all medicines for compliance with doping legislation. If you can not do without some “forbidden” medication, then the fact of its use must necessarily be included in official documents, and the athlete must receive a so-called therapeutic exception.

At the moment, there is no official knowledge of the concentration of meldonia found in Nifontova’s blood.

Recognition of Nifontova that she does not know the full pharmacological composition of the drugs used, saddens: in theory all the latest doping scandals should have trained athletes to be treated “at random” fraught with disastrous consequences.

At the same time, there is confirmation that meldonium had no effect on the results of Anastasia. At least, so the former head of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency Nikolai Durmanov believes: “I do not know why she decided to accept meldonia. She’s a motorcycle racer, it would not help her in the race. ”
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