“Mildronate is not doping!” – Latvians are outraged about the inclusion of drugs in the “black list”

The use of mildronate can not affect the athletic results and achievements, therefore its inclusion in the list of prohibited substances is absurd, and the actions of the World Anti-Doping Agency are commented by Latvian athletes, sports doctors and also the inventor of the preparation, Ivars Kalvins.

Kalvins predicts that after the Russian tennis player Mariya Sharapova’s recognition of the positive doping test for Mildronate, more and more new cases of doping will appear, as athletes continued to use Mildronate for prophylactic purposes.

Mildronate Inventor Ivars Kalvins:
This committee has made a huge bear service to all athletes because they are taking Mildronate and will continue to use it to protect their heart and brain if they have had to break this critical boundary, leading to the collapse of the heart muscle, that is, cell death or brain damage ruin There will be international trials, and I think that Sharapova will definitely win this trial. Because what this committee did was not sufficiently transparent and understandable.

Kalvins also intends to send a letter to the World Anti-Doping Agency explaining the effects of the substance on the human body and its non-doping properties.
Due to the tennis star scandal, the world’s media have turned to Mildronate for reading
According to Russian tennis player Marija Šarapova’s announcement that she has been diagnosed with positive doping, the world’s media have turned their attention on discovered substances in the body of sport – Meldonia, which is part of the medical product Mildronate produced in Latvia.
The American Television Channel CNN, BBC Broadcasting Company, The New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Bloomberg Agency and other media will focus on finding out about this substance.

The Meldonians drink themselves, Mildronate’s father Kalvins reveals

“I simply do not get to work anymore,” says chemist, academician of the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (OSI) Academician Ivars Kalvins, asking about the sudden glory and countless interviews brought about by the inclusion of Meldonia in the list of prohibited substances in sport. When there is overload or something like this is expected, he himself tends to use his invention known in Latvia as mildronate. In his words, it protects the cells from the death of oxygen in starvation conditions, which can target both athletes and physical and mental workers.

Do you think that, with the inclusion of Meldonia, the athletes have been given a bear service in the list of Prohibited Substances?

I can safely say that the death of some hundred people will be on the conscience of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA-red.).

The statistics are that sudden death is 2-10 times more likely to occur for those who are engaged in sports than those who do not. And sudden death is not just about big sports, as usual, or with a long career in sports – it starts at age 10. If a young athlete has long run or raised something hard and there is a lack of oxygen in the heart muscle, fatty acids, which are the main source of energy in the muscles and heart, can not be burned. To get to the factory, the cellular mitochondria where they were burned, they accumulate in activated forms of transport, bound to substances that can pass through the cell membrane. These substances are carnitine and coenzyme A – dangerous because they cause arrhythmia, myocardial fibrillation. And with fibrillation, life ends – then the heart muscle does not pump blood, but vibrations are incoherent.Meldon would help avoid it. This is the reason why it is recommended for cardiovascular patients. It seems that no particular improvement is apparent, but in the long run it can be seen that such a patient lives longer.

There is a political motive for the inclusion of Meldonia in the list of prohibited substances, since WADA has no scientific evidence that this remedy would improve or raise any organism’s performance above the physiological norm, as in the case of doping. It is only about restoring their ability to work if they have fallen because of lack of oxygen.

Why do you think that the decision was politically motivated?

It was proposed by the American Anti-Doping Agency, because, they see, athletes use Meldonia in East countries, but the United States is not available, so there is an unjustified advantage. Then you have to be banned! It’s against the sporty spirit!