Mildronate should be remove from blacklist, Grindex VS WADA.


Mildronate inventors pharmaceutical company’s “Grindeks” representatives met with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) representatives, to discuss  mildronate use for athletes.

They agreed on cooperation, however  there is still no consensus on  “mildronate” exclusion from the list of banned substances for athletes. Informs the company.
During the meeting they become at common understanding and the both sides agreed on further cooperation. Both parties agreed that it is in they interest to prevent inappropriate medication.
Company “Grindeks” argue with WADA that “ Mildronate” need to be remove from the list of banned substances for athletes.The company’s Board Chairman Juris Bundulis says that during of the meeting the company and WADA found a common interests. However, there are also different views.

“We are confident and ready to argue for medication“Mildronāts” of athletes banned substances list off.

We are interested so that product should be available to all patients who need it, including athletes. Looking from any point of view “Grindeks ” is categorically against the medically unreasonable use of the product,”says Bundulis.
Latvian representatives of the “Grindeks” Chairman Juris Bundulis, Institute of Organic Synthesis of the Scientific Council chairman Ivars Kalvins, as well as “Grindeks” Research and Development experts. WADA representatives: Science Director Dr Olivier Rabin, scientific deputy director Oskuels Barroso and other experts.
As reported WADA extended the period during which the use of prohibited substances meldonium caught athletes will be able to avoid disqualification until 30 September.
According to the new recommendations of WADA, athletes who in the period from March 1 till September 30, will be found low meldonium level in body, may not get a penalty. Previously, WADA had already ruled on the period from January 1 to February 29.

Meldonium is in Latvian’s product “Mildronāts” active ingredient,it is in the list of banned substances was incorporated on January 1. Since then, checks presence of the substance found in a number of top-level athletes, including tennis superstar Maria Sharapova.
Latvian pharmaceutical company “Grindeks” hopes that WADA will fully remove meldonium from the ban, it is expected, but from October 1st meldonium in athletes body will no longer be allowed at all.
As reported, that “Grindeks” Group turnover in the first half of the year was 46.4 million euros, an increase of 2.6 million euros or 5.9% more than in the first half of 2015. In turn, the Group’s net profit attributable to parent company shareholders in the first half of this year was 4.2 million euros, compared with the first half of 2015 has increased by one million euros or 32.4%.

“Grindeks” is an international, vertically integrated pharmaceutical company

Main activities are original products, generics and active pharmaceutical ingredients in research, development, production and sales. “Grindeks” concern included five subsidiaries of Latvian, Estonia, Russia and Slovakia, but is represented in 13 countries.
“Grindeks” specializes in the heart and cardiovascular, CNS and anti-cancer medication therapeutic groups. “Grindeks” produces 25 active pharmaceutical ingredients.
Last year, the company’s production was exported to 70 countries and accounted for 90% of total turnover. The most significant “Grindeks” markets are the European Union countries, Russia and other CIS countries, USA, Canada, Japan and Vietnam.
In order to increase production capacity and improve infrastructure, since 2002 the company realized many considerable investment projects, this time investing in the development of more than 70 million euros.