Mildronate (the active ingredient – meldonium) has been included in the list of prohibited substances for Athletes by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Mildronate (the active ingredient – meldonium) has been included in the list of prohibited substances for Athletes by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Since 1st January 2016.

Academician Ivar Kalvins, the chairman of the Scientific Council of the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, academician Mildronate, believes that this was because the preparation was and still is a competitor to the same niche products of the world pharmaceutical companies. It is an unfair, dirty competition struggle, and the death of many athletes could be a consequence of the prohibition of mildronate.

But athletes do not intend to give up mildronate, which saves their health and life. Today talks with Academician Ivar Kalvins.

– How to bear the popularity that suddenly fell on you for mildronate?

– It can also be looked at differently: well, that the world has learned – is such Latvia, is the Institute of Organic Synthesis, is a science that has created a preparation that can help maintain the health of athletes. And they use this medication. Then the question: why use it? At the same time, in clinical trials in the Soviet Union, athletes were used at the same time, and the examiners told me that this preparation had one major adverse effect and it could be dangerous for athletes. And that’s why. In sports camps men usually lived on the first floor, women – in the second. When the mildronate was given to men, they drove up to the ladies through the drains. And these exercises could also fall … This was a dangerous side effect. It’s not a secret: on the Internet, mildronate is sold as a free-of-charge viagra. Perhaps this is one of the most important reasons why athletes use it, because they tend to have problems with their potential – they need to drink a variety of other medicines that hurt their masculinity. Also, for cardiologists, I have reminded that men – especially the elderly – who have any heart rate should not use mildronate in the evening because their wishes may not be filled directly due to heart problems … Although it sounds humorous, there is no laugh.

– But if we are just talking about mildronate in sports?

– Athletes have to train in loads that ordinary humans can not afford. Namely, God has not foreseen for us, for example, continuous running 42 kilometers or 250 kilograms manual lift: our physical abilities are limited. Now we are talking about how to overcome restrictions. But it is: if you break this border, there will be irreversible consequences. I will explain The body produces energy primarily from fat (fatty acids) and sugars (predominantly from glucose). Glucose and fatty acids fuel our “factory”, which produces “fuel”. Like the internal combustion engine: we have fuel and air, and if the ratio is incorrect, the engine stops – the fuel mixture is fat! The same with the heart: if there is a lot of fuel for the production of energy, but the oxygen for burning it is low, the cells die. This condition, when there is not enough oxygen in the tissues, is called ischaemia. Athletes are confronted with this problem quite often. Their blood vessels are clean; they are able to deliver dissolved sugars or fats in sufficient quantities to deliver energy. But the oxygen is transmitted only by the red corpuscles, and this is only as it is – within the limits of physiological norms. Of course, red blood cells can be added to carry more oxygen, but it is forbidden for athletes. Also, blood sugar levels should not be significantly increased. Otherwise it is with fats: they get rid of deposits and, in accordance with the brain signals – adrenaline – go into the bloodstream. The heart of 80% of energy is produced from fat! But at the moment when there is not enough oxygen to burn all the fatty acids, the heart cells cease to function, and as a result, a micro-infarct! Macrofarms. And sudden death. Exercise at the maximum load limit often results in certain tissue damage.
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– Those athletes who suddenly died in the new years were trapped?

– Yes. Fatty acid cells deliver carnitine to the “firebox” cells, creating an appropriate transport form, acyl carnitine. But precisely this substance, accumulating in a similar manner to soap, dissolves the heart membranes made of fat-like molecules. And the cells rupture like soap bubbles. It is dangerous not only for athletes, but for any other person – the load is too big, the person is overkill … That’s why mildronate is used all the time – already 32 years on the market – to prevent dangerous processes for people who are excited to overload. Mildronate is both a prophylactic and a defense system, as a safety guarantee for the athlete: if he breaks the security limit, he will not die. Mayor of Riga, Nils Usakov, took part in the marathon, almost violated this border.

– Mildronate began to be manufactured in 1984, all used and praised, suddenly this year, an American company said it was doping. Why?

– The foundation is simple. We say: Athletes should be protected against accumulation of unburned but activated fats in the heart muscle, and this can be done by reducing the concentration of carnitine. But what say those who produce and sell carnitine as a miracle creature for muscle mass and cellulite exhauster?


– But you have long appeared!

– The harmful effect of carnitine was discovered relatively recently in this century, thanks also to our Pharmacologists Laboratory with Professor Mai Dambrov. Strong waterfall for these mills was raised by researchers from the United States, England and other countries, who found that carnitine could potentially be one of the culprits in the cause of atherosclerosis. The advocates of carnitine, of course, ran on top of the scientists. And that already caused problems. But let’s look at how divisible WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) is, similar to the US ADA. The latter turned to WADA for banning mildronate. The reason was ironic: mildronate is not registered in the US, so we can not guarantee its safety. Secondly, US mildronate is not available, and therefore the benefit is available to those who have it. But online sales are ongoing and unlimited. And thirdly: increasing the performance of athletes. The rationale was: there is suspicion (!) That mildronate helps the athletes, so we include it in the list of prohibited substances as it corrects the energy production metabolism. Yes, it does, but then there should have been evidence that mildronate therefore increases human performance above the physiological level, rather than protecting it from irreversible damage that will occur if it breaks this performance limit. When the Americans claimed they injected intravenous carnitine in their huge quantities into their athletes, WADA replied: there is no evidence that it helps to achieve better results …

– But there is no such evidence for mildronate!

– There is no published evidence. But for Americans, here’s a suspicion that mildronate helps because those athletes who use mildronate win, but we do not. Taking carnitine in a milder amount, over and over a dozen or even hundreds of times a day, it turns out to be normal, since carnitine is a US-based product. If an athlete dies from overload, then dying – the main thing is the result!

– Can we resist the WADA lobby and put the mildronate back in its honor?

– First you need to do it. But I do not see this desire because our sports performers make statements: if mildronate is used at very high doses, then it also has side effects. Okay, then eat immediately one tablespoon of cooking salt, let’s see what the side effects are. You will hardly survive. So we can conclude that cooking salt is a deadly potion. But in reality everything depends on the dose. You can not even use water in unlimited quantities. When it comes to mildronate, I can say that it is one of the safest, if not the safest form of medicine that has been used by millions of cardiologists for over 32 years in the world. People who do not have specific side effects for mildronate can use it safely and live a higher quality of life.

– So the sports players are silent. In truth, they should now spit on you.

– Today (the interview was held on March 29 – EV) I received an email saying they wanted to talk to me. I think the reason will be great because I have heard from leading law firms that a number of athletes will actively participate in protecting their human rights. Everyone has the right to life, even if he has to work on the critical boundaries of human ability.

– Should the state not be about you and for mildronate to join?

– It should be. At least some kind of reaction I would like to expect. You see Anna’s aunt in the countryside judging: if mildronate is doping, then it’s time to drool, so I will not use it better. It is also a major blow to the confidence of patients in mildrenate, who have so far been grateful for their illnesses. But without this medication, they will get worse health problems. In this case, should the media not enlighten the public about the fact that mildronate has not become indium because one organization has included it in the list of prohibited substances for athletes? Unfortunately, the prohibition of mildronate will lead to the deaths of athletes and their death will be on WADA’s conscience. Imagine having a four-year-old tennis player trained, over 18, and an Olympic level. Suddenly, in a match, the load is too large, as a result of which he gets heart muscle damage. And it will be irreversible damage! Consequently, due to one congestion, his career is over. Do we want it? If the athlete had used mildronate, nothing likely would happen.

– I read that after this artificially inflated scandal in Russia, the sales of mildronate doubled.

– Possibly. People who take care of their health will buy mildronate. It has come to be known that the leading athletes have used mildronate for many years – such as Russian tennis Sharapova – to train as much effort as possible. Take a look at what’s happening in the marathon of Riga: these thousands of people do not run medals, and then they are not controlled by anyone. But one can not completely go away: last year there were forty or fifty, who were taken to stretchers. How many of them were infarcted? There is no statistics. But such races – if not protective – lead to it too.

– Who benefits from the sale of mildronate? Do you and your institution receive some profit?

– The author and institute’s patents for mildronate have expired, so none of the co-authors, including myself, receive any royalties any more. The manufacturer, in this case Grindex, can, of course, pay royalties to all authors of the product for as long as they wish. But the manufacturer just does not do it. At the time when Prime Minister Godmanis was in charge, the USSR Patent Law was abolished in Latvia, and the protection of inventions ceased, but when the new law entered into force, creators of the preparation had to re-register their copyright – for their money.

– How much is patenting?

– It depends on which country it is doing. In order to obtain and maintain a patent worldwide, over a period of 20 years, approximately 250,000 lats would have to be invested. We chose to protect Mildronate in the territory of the former USSR and elsewhere in the world, the more funds we simply did not have. We subsequently sold this right to Grindex. When the patent expired, other manufacturers entered the market. However, it should be recalled that mildronate has always been and still is the most exported intellectual product of Latvia. It is a pity, of course, that at the time the state did not give any scientific means to the patenting of its inventions – the product would now be in many world markets. But no – if you want, pay from your pocket! And the institute began to do it. Then the state pondered, saying, how then will we get money ?! And the Saeima deprived the institutes of the right to patent their inventions: to do it only in the state … Only three years ago, this stupidity was canceled. And yet: evaluating the work of a scientist, its patented inventions were not counted on the results of scientific work. They were not taken into account either in the grant system of the LZP or in the calculation of the basic funding of scientific institutions. Post your results, but do not defend them, so that everyone who does not have laziness is used by scientists! This system has also been partially eliminated by torture. However, now the Ministry of Education and Science is of the opinion that the value of one international patent for the state is the same as one internationally cited article, for publication of which the authors do not have to pay, but who also does not contribute to the development of the national economy … Such a policy will continue at the national level and Someone tells me that this is not an injury. I emphasize: it’s a hurricane! The state is harming its own economy. That is why we are the last place in innovation, that is – the transfer of inventions to production. And in many places there is no way to carry, because there is no funding for the introduction of scientific results in a prototype or prototype. If there is no such financing, then there is no innovation as cats do not want anyone to buy a bag.

– But when it comes to mildronate: can you personally, with your authority, do something for this preparation?

– If I’m invited, I will participate in international litigation proceedings. I understand what is coming to our notice – they are large pharmaceutical companies that produce preparations in the same niche. If a small manufacturer is squeezed into the field, the profits go big. And you know, we’re not big producers. But our country does not even think about it.